We take pride of this small family & friends business, created by 4 friends and family members who joined forces in 2016 to establish this small scale hospitality team! We endeavour to treat the people who trust us for their holidays as GUESTS not as clients, and we therefore offer a personalised, human-centered service. The person in charge of communication and for handing you the keys is Eleni. The cleaner is Sotiria and the driver is Jimmy, all three of us will make sure you have a great stay!

We do not only offer holiday rental but also accommodation service to people who relocate to Athens (mainly to embassies, international based companies, exchange students and international non-governmental organisations, foreign academics) expats who desire to be resident temporary or more long-term in Athens. 

*Some words about our name:  ‘Namaste’ in Yoga and Hindi is a common salutation which  literally means “bowing to you” and is a specially deep form of respect. However ‘Na’maste!’ in Greek (Να’μαστε!) is a friendly  expression meaning ‘here we are’/Here we go!!! Our name represents our two core values, ‘respect’ for your holiday time and also represents our ‘friendly’ character and attitude! 


Eleni & Sakis